Motion: unTitled

Task: Create a short clip (with 3D and/or 2D CG-elements) that features space expansion, space metamorphosis and space reduction with visual footage of the universities' courtyard. A storyline is obligatory, however, narration does not greatly matter. / Description: I decided that my short film should deal with the happenings of '9/11'. "unTitled" is an unprovoking retrospection, thus offering completely subjective ways of interpretation. The oriental sound design was intentionally chosen quite calm, to additionally push the impression of the visual content. / Realization: This short film consists of photos only. These were extended with 3D CG-elements made with Autodesk Maya and finally composited and animated with Adobe AfterEffects. / Course: Visual Effects / Date: 2008 / Tools: Nikon D80, Autodesk Maya, Blastcode, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Logic