Motion: motionCapture

Task: Record an arbitrary motion and apply it to a 3D character. / Description: This video shows the motion capture workflow I ran through at my University. I used an optical motion capture system which consists of 8 high speed cameras and recorded a student mate of mine who wore a black suite with systematically placed white styrofoam blobs. The following step was the reconstruction of the movement in 3D space (tracking) with Realviz Movimento. Afterwards this data was used to transfer the movement to a modeled character in Autodesk Motion Builder. Subsequently the animated character from Motion Builder was imported into Autodesk Maya and rendered with Mental Ray. Finally the renderings were composited in Adobe After Effects. / Course: Animation II - Production / Date: 2008 / Tools: optical Motion Capture System, Realviz Movimento, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects