Motion: amourEternel

Task: Conception and creation of an animated portrait with a length of approx. 15 seconds. Primary objective of this video was to successfully convey the emotional intention of the concept. / Description: AmourÉternel is a portrait of a young woman who decides to deliberately take her own life after her boyfriend was killed in a tragic car accident. The story takes place in a bare white room with a door to reach liberating afterlife. My aim was to show her suicide on a more abstract level than taking a gun, rope, etc... Therefore the young woman reaches for her own lifeline - which is visualized in the movie by a electrocardiogram-like white line - and pinches it off to join her beloved one in afterlife. / Course: Digital Compositing / Date: 2008 / Camera: JVC GY-HD100 / Tools: Final Cut, Automatic Duck, AfterEffects, Maya, Illustrator, Logic

amourEternel - makingOf

This making of shows the green screen shooting of the actress and the most important compositing-steps of the video in Adobe After Effects.